phspectrum | zx spectrum emulator | world's first 8bit computer made in PHP

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what is ZX Spectrum - ZX Spectrum was the most popular computer of the 80s and 90s around Europe and one of the firsts computers available for the masses, usually had a Z80 CPU @ 3.5 Mhz and 48K RAM, 16K ROM. Also was the first computer I ever programmed around 1994. More information on wikipedia zx spectrum and real emulators/games/documentation/etc. at the most notable zx spectrum website World of Spectrum.

what is an emulator - an emulator is an implementation of the hardware, therefore simulating the actual structure and not only the behavior, thus being capable of running actual original code from the emulated device.

what is PHP - "PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML." Also is a language used for developing shell scripts, servers, gtk programs, games and lots of other unusual things.

what is phspectrum - phspectrum is a proof of concept implementation of a computer in PHP, developed by studying the spectrum documentation and java,basic,c++ sources from other opensource emulators when only php4 and phpgtk1 existed and I decided to make it opensource as well. The program is alpha quality and it's speed is much much lower than a real machine because of it's interpretation in another VM (PHP's) therefore not being a real full featured emulator used to play games, altough code quality and good development practices had been sacrificed so that the emulator works. Running the emulator and tests suite in PHP5 shows an increase in speed of the machine, but the phpgtk2 display code brings a slowdown and currently I'm not aware of how to optimise more. The machine has been tested, for accurate opcode operation, against the fuse tests by Philip Kendall and all opcodes operations had been succesful except a few ones involving ports. phspectrum does not support sound because of the lack of a proper php sound extension and outlines the need for a port of libsdl or other similar libraries to php, for applications which need sound and graphics to be developed easily in php.

why a computer emulated in a web scripting language - because it can be done, therefore showing the versatility of the language and to be used for PHP engine benchmarking tests in different configurations and versions. Currently the speed benchmarked faster on FreeBSD, then Linux, then Windows. (all fuse tests opcodes without gtk).

1. download php-gtk-1.0.2 Windows and PHP4 Binaries from php-gtk and install/unzip to c:\php4 ;
2. download phspectrum and unzip to a folder of choice;
3. run phspectrum.bat (which calls php.exe phspectrum.php and runs the emulator with the original ROM);
4. visit world of spectrum if you need to download different ROMs and games/apps;
5. phspectrum supports loading z80 snapshots to memory (therefore you can either download .z80 or .sna files or you can convert them in another emulator) by specifying as a command line parameter e.g.: phspectrum snaps/miner.sna

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The ZX Spectrum ROM is copyright Amstrad PLC. Amstrad have kindly given their permission for the redistribution of their copyrighted material but retain that copyright.

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